Fruit Harvest Dates

organic peaches

Picked When Ripe

Here are the usual picking dates and a description of each variety of fruit from our orchards. Fruits are listed in order of ripening in Palisade, Colorado:

Cherries (sweet): June 15 to July 15

  • Bing, a large, dark purple, tangy sweet cherry
  • Rainier, a cross between Bing & Royal Anne, a delicate flavor
  • Lapins, a late cherry that resembles a Bing

Apricots: July 4 to July 31

  • Riland, a medium, sweet, round & red coloring
  • Perfection, a large, oval shaped apricot, orange color & sweet
  • Goldrich, a large, oval shaped apricot that must be fully ripe
  • Rival, a medium sized, oval shaped apricot with a blush of red

Peaches: July 1 to September 20

Listed in order of ripening. SC=semi-cling, F= freestone:

  • PF #1, (SC) 20 days before Redhaven, 90% red, sweet
  • Early Redhaven (SC)14 days before Redhaven 90% red, sweet
  • Rising Star (SC) beautiful early season peach 80% red, sweet
  • Redhaven (F) First freestone peach. 90% red coloring, good flavor.
  • Blazing Star (F) 5 days after Redhaven, 90% red coloring, sweet
  • Roza (F) 75% red, large, sweet peach, good canner or freezer
  • Redglobe (F) Excellent canning & freezing peach
  • Suncrest (F) Large, round peach, 2/3 red blush, good texture & flavor
  • Cresthaven (F) Medium large, juicy but firm flesh
  • Angelus (F) Large, firm peach, replaces standard elberta
  • O’Henry (F) Best of the late peaches, flesh yello streaked with red.

Nectarines: Aug. 20 – Aug. 30

  • Red Gold (F) very large nectarine, yellow flesh with red around pit